Are you getting butterflies?

Tell me something important you did that didn’t give you the butterflies.

Because I can definitely tell you many important things I have done in my life… but I can’t name a single BIG moment that didn’t come with nerves and a bit of fear.


And that is not a bad thing, it is how we tell we are doing something worthwhile!

For example, when I was determined to get pregnant I was nervous it may not happen.


When I started making changes in my life to help my fertility I was scared that it wouldn’t help.

But having a baby was too important for me to submit to the fears. It was too important for me to waste time and stay stuck.


I needed to DO SOMETHING.

And that passion and determination was bigger than staying stuck in the negative “what-if’s”.

Everything big you do in life requires you to step alongside the fear, it doesn’t mean stop.

It means keep going… this is so huge for you.


You may be anxious about doing something out of the “norm” for your journey, or with a new perspective, but that is okay.

If I have a potential client come to me that said they WEREN’T nervous at all I would be concerned!

Because those that see the nervousness and the butterflies, and still chose to take action are the ones with the BIGGEST results.

We all have fear…


But it is worth it.


Are you ready to move forward to change your future?