Are you ignoring the underlying issues?

So often with health and fertility, we ignore the underlying issues before they become a big problem.


And then we try to help them with approaches that are never actually getting to the real problem.


Would you ignore a fire in your house?
If a candle got knocked over in your bedroom and started a small blaze, would you just walk out to the living room and ignore it?

Would you wait until the smoke is so heavy you have to go outside before you do anything?


If you waited until there was a big fire, maybe you would finally see that there is a problem… you would likely hear some crashing, some alarms, and decide to finally ask for help.


Now imagine…
Help arrives, but from the outside, the house seems okay so they give you a hose and tell you just use that to try to get rid of any visible flames, and a fan to try to blow away the smoke…


Well soon enough. Your entire house crumbles to the ground in a giant inferno!


Sounds dramatic, right?
You would never let that happen!


Except this is exactly the problem with inflammation and stress in our body.


It starts out small, we ignore it, we get used to the period pain or the irregular cycles, we think the fatigue is just from our lifestyle.


Until finally the problems keep building, and you aren’t getting what you want, like getting pregnant.


Something forces you to look at your body but you have no idea where exactly the problem is… or maybe you’re being told everything is looking  “normal” despite all the warning bells.


You don’t know what to do except maybe take some meds to deal with the symptoms.


Meanwhile, that’s like taking a spray bottle of water to a whole house fire, you’re not going to get far. Because you aren’t addressing the real underlying issue.


If you want to help your fertility,
If you want a healthy pregnancy,
We need to put out the entire fire.


Not just deal with one symptom at a time…
Because that is like rebuilding a house that is still on fire.


When you want to get pregnant and mend your fertility,  stop ignoring any warning bells, stop accepting small bandaids and let’s go after the real issue with care and support.


REPLY and let me know, what fires do you feel may have been ignored in your body?