Chronic inflammation as it relates to fertility

What is chronic inflammation and why is it related to your fertility problem?

Inflammation is a process in which your immune system is reacting and on alert. This is a normal thing, even protective for healing when you sprain your ankle or when you get a fever because you are sick. However, chronic inflammation is when you have a constant state of stress on your body. This especially can affect your fertility. And this isn’t from a big thing like an injury.

But it can be from lots of small things causing inflammation in the background. Lots of little fires, causing a state of chronic inflammation. This can come from not eating the right diet, eating inflammatory foods, blood sugar imbalance, hormone imbalance, toxin burden, poor gut health, nutrient depletions…

All of these things can be constant states of simmering inflammation.

This matters for your fertility because it affects your egg quality, hormone production, immune system, and your body being able to get pregnant and maintain pregnancy. Meaning, you could take all the medications in the world but without identifying and addressing these sources of inflammation you will NEVER get rid of the actual problem. That is why we can see so many women struggle with their fertility and their health despite medications and treatments.

But the good news is this. We can identify what sources of inflammation are affecting you. And have a specific strategy on how to support your body in healing this. So that we can solve the real issues, helping you feel better and closer to your goal every single day.