Collaborating natural approaches with fertility treatments

We don’t have to choose sides, and it doesn’t have to just be one way or the other.

If you want to take fertility medications or do fertility treatments, but also support your fertility naturally, let’s do it!

And if you want to go natural right now but you are open to change your mind down the road, that is okay!

Natural approaches are the perfect partner to conventional fertility treatments. Because I know, if you are spending hours at the doctor’s, thousands of dollars on treatments, so much energy, filling your emotional bandwidth…


You surely want it to be as successful as possible. With the lowest risk, and setting your baby up to be as healthy as they can be.

Firstly, It’s not that there is anything wrong with treatments…
But we know that IUI’s are on average 10% successful, and IVF is around 20% successful with an average of 4-5 rounds before you may get pregnant.

Secondly, We want to increase your chances to help you on the FIRST try.
And we do this by supporting underlying issues that treatments and the conventional approach do not investigate, identify or address.

Thirdly, You aren’t wasting time, energy, and money on repeated failing cycles.

Fourthly, Both approaches can be friends.
And if you are motivated to do all you can, we can work together to help you feel healthy and get closer to your dream family.

Remember, adding natural approaches to your fertility journey will only help you and your chances while feeling better every day. There is no downside to that!

If you are ready to make your fertility treatments as healthy and successful as possible, feel free to contact me.