Is fear stopping you from helping your fertility?

Is fear stopping you from helping your fertility?

Fear is a very tricky feeling, so deep that on the surface you truly believe you want something… but your actions say otherwise.

You want to be healthy, to do all you can for your fertility, to get that baby you dream of… but deep down you are so fearful of trying and failing, that you are missing opportunities to help yourself, making you feel miserable in the process.

This fear of failing can create beliefs about yourself and how you feel your journey should go.

I have had clients tell me that they are only going to try naturally for 2 more months. What are they really saying?
I’m scared of time going by, that nothing will help.

Are you not investing in your health because you believe without a baby now you aren’t worth it? If you aren’t doing all you can to support your fertility naturally is it because you believe it may not help enough? That you are just broken?

These self-sabotaging beliefs and actions could be the difference in your success. Think about all the opportunities you’re blocking because you’re scared of failing.

So how do you quickly get out of this spiral? With DOING.

The most successful clients I have decided to take action, despite fear. This is one of the quickest ways to tell your fears to sit down and shut up. With action, you see results quicker, feel better faster, and build confidence so your mind and thoughts can catch up.

So you can go from a place of overwhelm, anxiety, and missed opportunities…to feel empowered, confident and make a real difference in your fertility journey.

Commit to doing until you believe it and prove it.

So what action are you going to take right now, despite fear, to bring you closer to your goal?