What do frogs have to do with your fertility?

What do frogs have to do with your fertility?

A canary in a coal mine used to tell miners when the mine was too unsafe for them to survive.. Interestingly, frogs have shown us how the environment is impacting our health and hormones. And sadly they didn’t carry good news.


Dr. Tyrone Hayes proved that a common pesticide (called atrazine) was causing chemical castration and feminizing male frogs. Literally turning them into females!


This same pesticide is one of the most commonly used chemicals,  is found in 94% of the water tested, and found in exposed human urine. 


So we have to wonder… How is this affecting our hormones and fertility?


Males have declining sperm counts while more and more women are struggling with fertility.


With the amount of stress our bodies are under, and the environments and products we are exposed to that are out of our control… It’s important to take a comprehensive approach to mend and maximize fertility from the damage we battle every day.


We need to not only clean up your diet but also support your body’s natural detox pathways to correct and optimize function. Because sadly, the environment around us can be harsh and not supportive of our fertility and hormone balancing goals.


And this is critical to not only help you get pregnant but also for the health of your future baby.


So let’s use diet and lifestyle changes to heal your gut, boost nutrients, support your liver and help your body naturally detox chemicals and balance hormones. Every day.


If you are struggling with your fertility, don’t ignore what is happening to these poor frogs.
Get help that covers all angles, what is happening inside you as well as around you.


This will give you the best chances at success and health.