Getting real with you…

#RealTalk here.

Recently, I had a client with diagnosed infertility get pregnant naturally. She had been trying for a year before she came into The Preconception Plan, which helped her change her nutrition, her lifestyle and find answers to her fertility struggles.

But whether or not you join the program… you’ll still be eating food everyday… you’ll still be buying supplements… and you’ll still be looking for answers to what could be affecting you.

Going from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to feeling empowered in your journeyWill all be a result of wondering if you did the right things to influence your fertility But if not — back to the drawing board?

Here’s where you have a choice.

We can continue going down a path bouncing from a generic meal plan, another box of ovulation strips, another 3 or 4 supplements. Then trying to stitch it together some sort of plan to mend and maximize your fertility…Leading you down a rabbit hole without knowing if it’s right for you!

And you know what that means.
 symptoms not getting better
… wasting more time
… feeling more defeated

Phew… that was a bit painful… and I’m glad we’re graduating from that.

Here’s your second option. You can leverage all the hours of practice and failures you’ve cultivated over the months or years

… and decide if you actually want this, have a step by step strategy you feel confident in because it’s based off of what is affecting your specific body and fertility struggles

… not waste another cycle because you can start influencing your chances of success immediately

… use natural methods that are backed up by research to help you have a healthy pregnancy because medications and expensive treatments are not the only tool available to you.

We can move forward and make a shift together with real-time feedback throughout the 12 weeks of working together. And to instill you with more confidence… I am personally going to meet with you 1:1 for a 45-minute clarity call.

This clarity session will remove all the distraction that’s bumping you off the real focus… and that’s discovering what you can actually do to help you get pregnant, stay pregnant and have a healthy baby.

Yep… this is an option! And the one that will have you knowing how to support your fertility and specific struggles naturally.

Cause whether or not you take this invitation… you’re still going to keep trying to get pregnant.

So if you’re open to the possibility for you to do it in a way with less frustration and faster results in order to mend and maximize your fertility, click here to book a free call.