Did you know this could lead to hormone imbalance?

Where do hormones come from…?

Your body creates them, right?

So when you have hormone imbalance or estrogen dominance then it must be because your body is creating them incorrectly…

That can be true. But hormone imbalance can also come from sources outside your body!

Symptoms like:
-painful sex
-breast tenderness
-irregular cycles

Are signs of hormone imbalance and estrogen dominance.

And this is something I see often with my clients in The Preconception Plan, hormone imbalances that are being worsened because of outside hormones.

We call these Xenoestrogens, synthetic or chemical estrogens, that can build up in your body and block your natural estrogen from working.

You can be exposed to them through food, water, plastics, cleaning products, body products, living environment… sadly, there are sources everywhere these days.

That is one reason in my program we always work at cleaning up the environment around you. Because if you are constantly being exposed to these compounds your body can never have a healthy balance or detox properly, which is important for egg quality and womb health.

Now you may be thinking “I already cleaned up my environment.”

That is a good step, but I often find that is not enough.

Because your body has to be supported and healthy enough to detox from the past exposure. From last year, or 3 years ago, or even 10 years ago.

And when we have mineral imbalances, slow metabolism, sluggish liver, poor gut health or digestion, or other functions not working optimally in your body… your detox system can struggle with this job.

So you may still be having issues with your fertility, or not be healthy enough for a growing baby.

If you have these symptoms or trying to conceive and you suspect you may have hormone imbalance… let’s consider both sides of the equation, your environment, and your body’s ability to handle the environment.

For more on this topic you can check out my video HERE