How are you feeling?

Are you feeling like you have a fertility plan going?


But maybe it seems like nothing is working… And I know that must feel so frustrating.

When I am feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, the last thing I can handle is clutter.

I feel like there are shrapnel pieces of my life just thrown all over the house. Because it feels like a reflection of me.

It makes me feel guilty and I feel shameful that all my messy pieces are scattered around… And I don’t know what to do about it, or where to start to get it back in order.

Because really, when I look deeper, it’s not ABOUT the house.

It’s about how I am FEELING about my life. And I will tell you, I felt this same cluttered feeling when I was trying to fix my fertility and get pregnant.


I would piece together this bit of information. Read that blog post and add something else. Take another supplement…Until I felt like I was doing everything I could possibly do for my fertility. I created my own plan, but in reality, it was no plan at all.


It was a cluttered mess.


And we can’t get results and stop WASTING time when we work that way.


After all of my education, results, and working with clients, I was able to create a specific framework that combines all the “things” into a real plan that got results.


So if you are feeling like a bomb went off and you don’t know how to put the pieces of your life back together… then let’s chat about how we can clean that up. How we can get rid of the clutter, the things that are wasteful and focus on what matters when you want to have a healthy pregnancy.


I will meet you where you are, whether you feel like your current fertility plan should be on “hoarders” or whether you like to keep things tidy from the beginning.


Shoot me a message if you want to jump on the phone and talk about how we can move you forward.. without the mess.