It is about QUALITY, not quantity…

It is about QUALITY, not quantity…

Believe it or not, research shows that post-menopausal women still have thousands of eggs, proving that “running out” is not a thing.


But how healthy your eggs are,

Your ovarian response,

Your uterine health,

And the sperm…

Is what creates a successful conception.


But research is finding how pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, and other toxins are damaging healthy eggs…

Making it much harder to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.


Exposure from

  • air pollution
  • tap water
  • non-organic produce
  • work environments
  • inherited from past generations

Is rampant in our world today.


And the bombardment of these toxins hurts your mitochondrial and cellular health, which are both critical in having healthy DNA, gene expression, and maturation of eggs and sperm.

BUT, it is not a lost cause!


By supporting your mitochondria, your natural detox systems, and your environment, we can lessen the damage and even heal from it.


But it takes:

  • changing your diet to lower inflammation
  • supporting healthy gut
  • supporting liver and digestion
  • providing the nutrients needed to function properly
  • identifying what stressors are  hidden in your body that traditional doctors are not looking for

Although we live in a wild world ladies, we can still take control over our fertility!


If you are ready to make changes to have a healthy baby, then Contact Me, and let’s chat about how to support you best!