“Mama Bear”

When you stand up for your babies you often get joked about being a “mama bear”.
That you will protect fiercely and advocate for your children.
Interestingly, this nickname has some scientific background… that women when pregnant have brain changes that make them more patient but when you cross them… quicker to go on a powerful offense.
Because these are natural instincts to protect, support and serve our families.
But what if we started channeling this powerful mama bear energy before we had our children?
That we can be more patient with OURSELVES.
But we can also be fiercely protective of OURSELVES.

To stand up and advocate.

Because even if you are not a Mama yet, your baby is still a part of you. Their souls are making way for their entrance.

And you need to show them from the start that you will stand up for them, their health, the goal of bringing them into this world…


By standing up for and protecting yourself!

They are a reflection of you, so when you eat well, move well, create healthy habits and advocate for support for your fertility and health…
You are already being that mama bear for your babies.
You are valuable and important and deserve the same love and care that I know you will give your children.