Maximize your chances of success with this while doing fertility treatments



Hi everyone. So I wanted to pop on today and share with you something that has been coming up this week. So something that can help you if you're wanting to maximize and your fertility if you've been struggling to conceive or carry a healthy pregnancy. So if this is you you have likely gone to a doctor maybe multiple you have gone to fertility treatments.

[00:00:27] Clinics you have probably seen specialist and throughout all of this. Maybe you have been offered or you've been put on medications or maybe you're getting ready to undergo. Like an IUI or IVF? And so first of all, I want to say sorry for the struggle that you have been going through and also say that these choices that you've been making are definitely they have been the right choices for you up to this point.

[00:00:57] So if that has been how your journey has been going what you've been feeling comfortable with how that's LED you then that's definitely been the right choice. But does this mean that that has to be all there is for you? So is this all that you can or should be doing to help yourself be successful to help yourself reach these goals.

[00:01:24] So if you're not getting the results that you want or if you've been put on medications or you're undergoing these treatments does that mean that you have to just rely on on just those conventional treatments or just the advice that you are? How I have been hearing maybe have not been getting at all from your doctor of what you can be doing in Tangent.

[00:01:50] And also don't you want to totally maximize your chances of success? So before I go any further, I'll just introduce myself real quick. So I'm Crystal Melanson. I'm a functional nutritionist and natural fertility specialist and the founder of  The Preconception Plan and I was talking to a woman this week.

[00:02:14] Who is interested she was talking to me because she was interested in pursuing a natural approach to help her reach her health goals. So because I work in the functional alternative Functional Health world. I sometimes get comments or questions like from this woman that. Maybe they come to me feeling a little uncomfortable with the choices that they've made so far undergoing conventional treatment or taking medications.

[00:02:44] And so she wasn't sure how I would respond to her that she had been taking these medications and that she wanted to continue taking them for a map for now. So she wanted to know if we could still work together even though she's doing these conventional. And I told her that that is totally possible so we can all live happily together.

[00:03:12] There can be a place for both conventional and alternative fertility approaches within your plan. And so a few examples of why this can be important though is that research has actually shown how alternative approaches like changes with your diet your lifestyle your mindset can significantly improve your success rate.

[00:03:37] It's if you're using medications like Clomid or doing IUIs and IVF. There is actually one study done that showed that women undergoing IVF treatments had double the amount of embryos for transfer and four times the pregnancy rates of women of other women when they strategically added in protein to their diet, so when they made this dietary change they had significant more success.

[00:04:12] And we know with IVF the 30 days to three months before a cycle are critical to increasing your nutrient levels to working on optimal diet and environment for success. And of course having the support around what a natural functional approach can give you. Balancing your blood sugar and working on your diet can help reduce the instances of Clomid resistance.

[00:04:43] And of course reduce your need to take a medication like that at all seeing with things like metformin. And then certain side effects like digestive issues, you know bloating nausea weight gain anxiety headaches poor sleep all of those side effects that can come from these treatments complementing with a natural approach of making diet and lifestyle changes can help significantly reduce the severity of these side effects or getting these side effects at all.

[00:05:21] And another key difference between the conventional approach and a Functional alternative approach that can complement each other is how I work with functional labs to really uncover the root causes of the fertility issues. So I use Labs that are very different from the doctor in men and women that can help show us why you are having trouble.

[00:05:50] With fertility, so finding the actual cause help us really uncover where in the body you're having issues and how we can unblock them. So this works with conventional treatments because the doctors they're not going to be able to do all this not with their time , their knowledge, or just in the system that they operate in.

[00:06:17] And you know the work of uncovering the underlying causes of infertility and struggles with fertility can make these treatment options so much more effective. So, you know also one of the main reasons that I created my program the preconception plan is the other important factor that the guidance of coaches and community.

[00:06:45] And the support to help you make these changes but also to keep you positive to help keep you accountable to be, you know, reduce stress and anxiety to be that cheerleader on those days that you feel like you want to give up having Matt support system and the guidance with that can make. All the difference in the world not only with your success, but also how you feel along this journey as well too and you know, so there doesn't have to be any shame or anything negative undergoing conventional treatments, but you might want to consider pursuing the alternative functional health approach and tangent with your treatment.

[00:07:35] I was born of ivf so they have their place like I am so grateful for all of that, but we can increase the effectiveness. So, I mean imagine if you're going to undergo IVF it typically takes I think about three Cycles to be successful. What if we could reduce that number down? You know, what if we can help set your stuff set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy, but also the health of your future baby with a strategic approach your diet and lifestyle or avoid those treatments all together if that's what you want.

[00:08:12] We can try to avoid any medical intervention and work naturally to really heal your fertility. So really you can do both and that is what I explained to this woman that came to me, but you really need to have that functional health approach to have that support in there. No matter what to because if you're not having the full support physically looking at the underlying causes that are holding you back.

[00:08:46] Maximizing your chances but also emotionally having the coaching having the support having the accountability. It's going to make it a lot harder and you're going to be missing out greatly. So, you know, that's really the key to helping you maximize amend your fertility if you're undergoing conventional treatments or if you're wanting to avoid it.

[00:09:15] And so with that with all of that you can feel really good and empowered and confident moving forward with any choices that you make so it doesn't have to be black or white. You can go deep into a natural functional health approach with to your fertility like I assist with. With her without those conventional treatments as well because starting a family is really about you.

[00:09:41] It's about what you and your partner are comfortable with and helping assist you to feel comfortable with the choices that you make every day. And that's really the goal. That's the goal behind it is we want to look at your plan from all angles and see how we can help fill in those gaps. And help you reach your goals so that can look a little bit different depending on where you are in your journey.

[00:10:07] If you've already been pursuing a lot or if you're just starting out this can look a little bit different for everyone. So just know that the dietary lifestyle changes the natural approach is always going to be beneficial to you. So let me know let me know what your goals are and what you're struggling with and you know where you are seeing gaps in your plan that maybe you could fill in that could help maximize your chances of success.

[00:10:38] So I actually have just two more openings this week for my free natural fertility breakthrough calls. So if you want to hop on the phone and really just chat about what your specific situation is focus on you and I can help you create a plan of how you can move forward. I would love to do that with you.

[00:10:58] You can comment below or you can shoot me a DM and we can get you scheduled for that as soon as possible, but I just wanted to share that with you today. I hope. That helped you think about other areas that you can help yourself with your fertility Journey. So have a great afternoon.