The unknown could be difficult to plan for…

It is this quiet thing no one wants to discuss…feeling ashamed…feeling guilty…feeling lost…feeling like you can’t express all the emotions running through your veins,  about having a miscarriage.

… And yet, we are told it is common. That there is nothing you can do. To just keep on trying, and trying, and trying.

Until millions of women are left feeling hopeless, confused, frustrated, and paralyzed in fear and not knowing what to do.

It’s time to stop this cycle. To stop ignoring that so many are suffering and to take back power. Because if we can prevent even one loss, I would say that is worth it! But guess what?

It can be better than that. Because there is an abundance of research showing us that you can naturally mend your body, your fertility and your health to drastically decrease your chances of having a miscarriage.

And it’s not with invasive or scary surgeries…It’s through natural changes, like using diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and assessing and looking at specific markers in your body that we need to optimize.

And sadly, this is not ever done in a Doctors office or even with fertility specialists.

So let’s not wait until 3 or 4 losses to do anything, let’s not even wait for one. Let’s feel empowered with our choices in our fertility journey with preparation and support. If you could reduce your chance of miscarriage naturally… would you do it?