The WRONG way to Detox for Pregnancy

Detoxing to get pregnant.

When you think of detoxing, are you thinking about shakes? Pills? Getting rid of all those heavy metals and toxins? Maybe all of those ads you see for special teas or 7-day programs?

There is a crucial factor you need to understand about detoxing before pregnancy…Many of these advertised methods are NOT SAFE to do right before conceiving.

It is not wrong that you want to detox. However, you need to understand that there is a way to do it that is safe for you and your baby… and a way that can add more stress and expose your baby to harmful toxins.

When my clients work through the Eliminating Fertility Disruptors framework in my program, there are 3 key guides we must follow:

1) Understand how soon you want to get pregnant. So we know what kind of detox is safe for your goals.


2) Understand what in your environment and body may be impacting you. So you have a clear strategy and priorities for your detox.


3) Support your natural detox pathways. Because it’s not that you need expensive and potentially dangerous pills or programs. It’s that you need to support your liver, your gut, and your drainage system to do their job properly.


When we work with these 3 guides, we not only can help your hormone balance, your egg and sperm quality, and help set you up for a healthy pregnancy… We are also supporting a healthy future for you and your baby in a safe, natural way.

One of my favorite ways to support natural detox pathways is using a sauna! If you have an infrared sauna or dry sauna available, this can be a great way to get sweating to move out toxins. Just 10-20 minutes a couple of times a week is a great way to start. (And be sure to rinse off immediately after!)

If you would like some steps on how to start doing this, feel free to contact me and I would love to send them over to you.