What you need to do for your fertility

So you want to get pregnant soon?

In today’s busy, instant gratification world, we hardly put much thought into planning to get pregnant…But there is enough research to tell us that the preconception time is too important to ignore.

Because conceiving and growing a baby is possibly the BIGGEST event your body will go through.

This means, we want to be proactive and prepared to help make your fertility journey go as smoothly as possible.


But I get it, you aren’t given any information on what you’re supposed to be doing, or how to do it. You’re told to “just start trying” and if after months, and months, of failure you want to try medications or treatments then you can.


But there is a better way.

So start with this:

1) be proactive in taking care of your health BEFORE you conceive.

What you do in the 90 days leading up to conception impacts your egg, sperm quality, hormone balance, and chances of success.

So if you are even thinking you want to get pregnant anytime soon, plan your strategy now.


2) Take inventory of your health, symptoms that bother you, and how you feel every day.


To get you started…

I have a free fertility assessment you can download to show you what to support before you get pregnant. Things like your digestion, your mood, energy levels, and sleep impact your fertility and this assessment will help you see what needs improvement.

Let me know if you would like this download…

If you have already done it, Connect with me with your results and we can chat about them!