What’s in your water that’s effecting fertility?

Hidden chemicals are in your water supply that could be stopping you from getting pregnant…

It’s not just about how much water you drink (which is important)… but the TYPE of water you are drinking. Sadly, this is one factor that could be impacting your fertility that is not often spoken about.

Unfiltered tap water can be a serious stressor to your health, hormones, and fertility.


Think about it… all the chemicals from soaps, cleaning products, body products, medications, and pharmaceuticals, sometimes even illegal drugs all go down the drain and into our water supply. Then we have to consider what is seeping into our groundwater, like pesticides and herbicides and the quality of the pipes transporting the water.

We are so blessed in America to have an overall clean water supply… however, the chemicals that are making their way into our taps and into our cups are greatly impacting our health and hormones. Sadly, studies have shown that a mom drinking chlorinated water has been linked to an increased risk of negative health effects on babies.


They are a heartbreaking risk and fear we don’t want to support as best as possible. These chemicals have been shown to be affecting hormones and sexual development in mammals and reptiles.

If you are struggling with PCOS, hormone imbalances, or fertility struggles… then your water source could be part of the problem.

My recommendation is to not go buy a hundred bottles of water. This increases your exposure to plastics and is not great for the environment. Research shows that some bottled water just have tap water in them.


And definitely don’t stop drinking water (ANY water is going to be better than dehydration).

Consider investing in a high-quality water filter, such as one from Berkey, Aquasana, or Pure effects. There are many different choices out there depending on your budget and some sort of filter is likely better than nothing.

Have you been using a water filter in your home? Let me know if you have more questions on how to improve your water quality.