Why I hate the word “infertility”

I don’t use the word infertility.

In fact, I hate it.

Not just because it implies negativity and shame. But because it also gives off this impression of something unchangeable and decided. And that is simply not true.


You may be struggling with your fertility, but that doesn’t mean that you are infertile. Just as a car may be struggling to get down the street with a flat tire, it doesn’t mean that it is totaled… It just means that it needs a fixed tire!

That word, is really just a medical code for insurance purposes. And one of the reasons why traditional fertility methods are failing so many that want to get pregnant…


Because, if we just define you, label you, and treat you like the other millions that have the same medical code…How in the world do we expect to actually HELP when you are a unique human being?


What you are struggling with may be caused by completely different things than someone else with the same label, and needs to be supported in a completely different way.


That is my “secret” to help women that are struggling.

Because I look at an individual, unique bodies, their struggles, and how to support naturally. Not just treat everyone like they are on a conveyor belt.


Let’s look past the struggles and change what we can, decide to create a new future, a new possibility.

If you are ready to break away from the labels and define your own journey, Comment “YES” below or contact me so we can chat.