Functional Lab Testing

Adrenal, Hormones

Hormones influence the balance of health throughout the entire body. If one hormone is not in sync this can cascade into malfunctions and symptoms affecting your mood, sleep, energy level, weight, immunity, and many other systems.

To evaluate your body's status we are able to use these tests:

Gut Health & Digestion

These tests show the health of your physical gut as well as its functioning and the health of its bacterial makeup. Many experiencing digestive issues have underlying pathogen infections or gut dysbiosis, identifying these issues can be key to getting back on track.

GI Pathogen Screening

  • Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory GI Microbial Assay Plus ("GI-MAP") - Comprehensive gut panel that looks for the presence of pathogens - including H Pylori and other bacteria, yeast, fungus, parasites, and viruses - in the gastrointestinal tract. Also gives data on normal bacterial gut balance, immune reactions, gluten reactivity, and inflammation

    • Read more about this foundational test HERE



GI function and Intestinal Barrier Health

  • BIOHEALTH LABORATORY - METABOLIC ASSESSMENT PROFILE (BH101) Tests protein digestion, liver health, and oxidation cell damage


Food Sensitivities & Nutritional Status

Food allergies and sensitivities can be hard to identify, especially when some may take up to 3 days after consumption to show symptoms!

Leaving these unidentified can wreck havoc on your digestive and immune systems creating a domino effect within your body causing distress. Here are a few of the tests offered to help you find the right diet for you!

Regaining optimal health requires proper nutrient status, here are a few tests showing your current micronutrient makeup, vitamin, and mineral status as well as concern for heavy metal toxicity.

Other testing available through spectra cell such as Identification of the MTHFR gene factor

Thyroid & AutoImmune

Thyroid imbalance and malfunctioning can impact your immune system, metabolism, and energy among other aspects of your health. Here are the tests offered to show your thyroid function, hormones, and possible autoimmunity issues.

Metabolism, Minerals & Heavy Metals/Other

Organic acids is a comprehensive panel that is a great snapshot of your health with over 70 different markers. Learn more about this test HERE


Heavy metal, mineral and other testing options


We can accurately identify your metabolic weaknesses through your genetic profile. Having certain genetic mutations, called polymorphisms or SNP’s, can have significant impact on your metabolic pathways, affecting how you absorb nutrients, how you process and use them, how you detoxify, how your immune system works, and if you are prone towards certain illness and disease.

Identifying these mutations can dramatically affect:

  • Methylation (a part of over 250 processes in the body)
  • Mitochondrial Function (energy production)
  • Neurotransmitter Production
  • Detoxification Function
  • Inflammatory Potential (we know inflammation leads to disease)
  • Health Precautions (anesthesia, vaccines, etc)

Various Panels are available. Learn more about options HERE



These are 3 starting tests that I typically recommend to women that are looking for more insight on their health for their hormone balance, reproductive health, or for their fertility and to prepare their bodies to conceive.

Organic Acids Test 

You can read about everything it covers and the benefits here: http://www.crystalmelanson.com/why-organic-a...

​HTMA mineral & heavy metal analysis

​Info: http://www.interclinical.com.au/publications/archi...

​Comprehensive Thyroid panel


Why you need a full panel: http://www.crystalmelanson.com/why-you-need-a-comprehensive-thyroid-panel-and-why-your-doctor-isnt-ordering-it/