Even if you are not worried about your fertility you need to hear this

This message is specifically for the ladies and men who want to have a baby in the future.. want to get pregnant but are not necessarily concerned about having real serious issues doing so. Maybe you aren’t worried at all about your fertility...

I still want to talk.

I am going to ask you a few questions, give you some really important things to think about.

When thinking about having a baby what matters to you?

-->Do you want to try to reduce all the crappy side effects that can come with pregnancy…
Like low energy, poor sleep, nausea, constipation, acne, headaches

-->Do you want to try to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy

-->Do you want to try to reduce your chances of gestational diabetes

-->Do you want to try not to get sick a lot, because your immune system is lower when you are pregnant

-->Do you want to make sure you have optimal vitamins and minerals for your baby to grow

-->Do you want to make sure that you dont have a lot of toxins in your body for your baby

-->Do you want to make sure your baby have awesome brain growth, and have a super smart baby

-->Do you want to breastfeed and try to have an awesome supply and no pain..

-->Do you want to show up the best you can after the baby is born...
Like even in your crazy sleep deprived state, be able to feel some calm and as good as you can.

-->Do you want to recover from labor as quickly as possible, because girlfriend it can be a lot like getting hit by a semi…

-->Do you want to try to prevent post partum depression and support your mood…

-->Do you want to try to help your babies immune system, so they are more resilient even when young…

-->Do you JUST want the BEST.

The best for yourself the best for your baby… your family your future.

Guess what, this is all SO important to think about now. Before you are attempting to conceive.

Because just conceiving isnt the end goal.. It is just the start!

I hear from so many women that wish they just thought a little bit more about the future and their health and their baby before they got pregnant, but were so caught up in just getting pregnant that they let that slide.

They thought they would just think about all these things later..

But then it was a little late... They missed a huge window of opportunity.

So preconception care, fertility care is not just about conceiving. It is so much more.

And I realize you may have not thought about these things, or thought about the fact that you could have some influence on them. But you can.

Taking time and preparing your body to conceive is not just for those that are having issues or scared of having trouble conceiving…

Preconception care is for EVERY SINGLE WOMAN AND MAN who wants to have a family.

This is a message I want to spread far and wide, If you know anyone that might want to have a baby in the future please share. Let's help shift our reactive mindset on health care one person at a time!


For the full message check out the video below