About the guys and your partners…

Now, ladies, I am not going to rag on our guys…But we really gotta talk about the support they give during the trying phase.

Because I see this situation over & over again.

A woman comes to me wanting to get pregnant, things aren’t going as she hoped and she wants to do whatever she can to get that healthy baby.

We talk, we connect, there are often tears and working through feelings of frustration…But we end in this awesome place of HOPE.


A place of understanding exactly what we need to do to maximize fertility and avoid medications or treatments.


But then they talk with their husbands or male partners and they are not as supportive or excited as they hoped. And the really sad thing is that not only does this leave ladies feeling frustrated & disappointed, but this resentment can start to build up.

Because you want that family.


You know you need to do something to help you get it.


And you are feeling like your partner is either not making the changes themselves or not supportive of you taking action and doing that for yourself.


… and I said I wasn’t going to rag on the guys because here’s the thing.


This is really on you.

Yup, the harsh truth.


Do we wish our partners were supportive of every decision we made, every dollar we spent, everything we committed to? Of course!


But the reality is, that is an impossible standard, especially with fertility care.


Because they are not women, they do not understand what you go through every month, every cycle, every day of frustration and overwhelm… maybe you have never actually expressed these feelings either?


We’ve got to EDUCATE them on how it really is – to step up and take the reins here.


YOU are the only one that can take the first step.

YOU are the only one to make that first decision to ask for help.

YOU are the leader in this journey, and you SHOW them and inspire them through your actions.


And ladies, this is what it means to be EMPOWERED in your fertility journey. Deciding to take action and doing it for yourself.


Our men want us happy, and because they are not the ones trying to get pregnant themselves…They don’t always understand how we feel.


So we gotta show them through action, supportive conversation, and leadership.


If you are ready to make a change but struggling with this, shoot me a message.


We can talk about strategies on how you and your partner can work through a tough conversation.