Are FSH Levels effecting your fertility journey?

Having high FSH levels (follicle stimulating hormone taken on day 3 of cycle) comes up often in those struggling to conceive.

And it can indicate low ovarian reserve or poor response from the ovaries.

But a HUGE thing to remember is this…


FSH can change depending on the quality of the follicles, which depends on the health of your body and ovaries of the previous months.

When you have exposure from:

Inflammatory foods,

Poor gut health,

Toxins and chemical,

Excess stress,

Low vitamin and minerals,


You can have damage done to your eggs and ovaries, meaning your body has to work harder producing more FSH to get your ovaries to respond.


What can you do to help this?

  1. Prepare to conceive. TAKE ACTION in those critical 3 months of an egg life cycle to increase quality and health
  2. Optimize Vitamin D levels, which may help lower elevated FSH and decrease miscarriage risk
  3. Lower daily stress, find support in your life and know you are not alone.
  4. Consider antioxidants, such as Alpha-lipoic Acid to help combat damage on your DNA and eggs.


And always remember, that you have influence over your health and fertility…

It’s about taking action for quality eggs, not just focusing on how many eggs you have left.