Are meds the only option for PCOS?

With PCOS, Stacey was told she needed to get on meds to get pregnant, that it “was the only option”.




The truth is, for Stacey, this was the only option her Doctors knew about.

In my experience, as a Functional Fertility Practitioner, I’ve found many doctors simply don’t know there are other things that can help women with PCOS get (and stay) pregnant.


The option I gave Stacey was one that gets to the root cause of her issues with PCOS – which in her case was contributing to her struggles getting pregnant.

By going beyond what’s usually offered at the doctor’s office and taking a holistic approach (grounded in the latest research into women’s health and PCOS), we worked on several things.

We worked on balancing her hormones, reducing symptoms naturally and in her words, “we worked in a partnership with her body” to get pregnant.


In just a few weeks, she started seeing changes in her cervical mucus, spotting, signs of her fertility coming back that were never there before.

She saw clear signs of improvement.

She did this naturally – no meds.

So none of the usual side effects that can cause cramps, cysts, digestive pain, weight gain, affect her mood, and never actually fix her hormones…


PCOS can be difficult for women who want to get pregnant.

But there are options…


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