Beautiful Food, Beautiful Skin


The health of your skin can be one of the top indicators of your overall health and mood. I know for myself there is a direct correlation between my stress levels and how clear and radiant my skin is.  With all the scrubbing, rubbing, makeup layering, and sun exposing that we do it is easy to forgot the simple fact that skin, indeed, starts from inside out. With your body constantly turning over old cells and creating new ones, by eating a better diet and de-stressing your life, you can actually see results quick!
Sometimes all you need to do to help your pretty glow out is to give your body those nutrients to work with.

Here are a few quick tips and some of those needed nutrients:

EFAs : Essential fatty acids, especially Omega-3s are very important to the integrity of your skin. “Essential” being that you can not create them, you must include them with your diet. Fatty acids help with your moisture levels, elasticity, and cell repair. A great way to get these in your diet are eating more fatty fish, such as salmon, or for vegetarians things like flax-seed or chai seed. EFAs are also an important part of cardiovascular health.

Vitamins C, E, and A : Vitamin C, is a highly effective antioxidant. Coming from foods such as, kale, strawberries, and citrus fruits, Vitamin C helps protect your skins elastin and collagen from damage. This helps prevent pre-mature aging and wrinkles.
Vitamin E is also a very important antioxidant. It also helps prevent aging as well as helps with dry skin or eczema. Foods that contain Vitamin E are almonds, wheat germ oil, avocados and spinach to name a few!
Vitamin A is a typically used to treat acne when applied in a topical form from doctors. But it can also help with repair and integrity of skin cells by eating foods such as, sweet potatoes, kale, and cantaloupe.

H2O: Water is the source of life in this world, so its overall importance seems obvious. But having a dehydrated body can give your skin a dull appearance, cause puffiness, aging, and a dry feeling.  Simply drinking clean water throughout the day can make yourself and your skin feel more alive.

Whole Grains: Although there it has not been proven that a specific foods causes acne or other skin damage, there does seem to be a correlation between low-glycemic diets and poor skin.
Consuming healthy grains, such as rice, oats, or quinoa are more likely to keep your skin glowing than a sugary diet with white bread, pasta, muffins, or sugary cereals. Not only can it help your pores but it is just better for overall weight maintenance and heart health!

Eat a diet with a wide range of fruits and vegetables, to ensure your intake of all the necessary nutrients. Try to keep your stress levels down, smile more often… I would rather have wrinkles from smiling too much when I am old then from being stressed! And keep your body hydrated. Beautiful, colorful foods can help with beautiful, glowing skin! 🙂

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