Being Proactive With Your Health

Are you tired of just “watching and waiting?”

Are you tired of just “trying and trying?”


If you are like me, I don’t like to just be in a reactive space to what’s happening around me…

I like to be PROactive.

I like to use my influence and control to help my circumstances.


So often we are told by traditional care that we don’t have any control. That there is nothing we can do to help our circumstances…

I am here to tell you that is 100% false.


If I did not take action when I was told, I would never have gotten pregnant without meds…

I am sure that would have been my reality.

But I didn’t listen to this advice. It’s not who I am.

Instead, I investigated and looked at what all may be affecting my fertility.

I looked at any way I could improve my health and chances.

And I took action immediately.

I didn’t just “wait around” for things to get worse.


By being proactive and finding ways to support my body with nutrition and lifestyle changes, I got pregnant naturally not once but twice…

Something my doctors had little hope of me ever doing.


If this resonates with you and you are ready to not just be reactive but take control…

Email me and let’s find ways to get you started today.