Do Blood Panels feel pointless?

Blood panels…do they ever feel pointless?

Often when I tell a new client that I want to run a blood panel on them, they tell me they have already gotten that done and everything was “fine.”

And unless there is some serious disease discovered it can feel like it was a pointless test.


But the problem isn’t with the blood panel…

It’s the approach.

Because there are two big mistakes I see:


1) I have NEVER seen a client come to me with a panel as thorough as necessary when we are working on fertility.

Because the doctors have to stay within strict limits with insurance regulations the right tests are simply not even ordered.

So a lot of helpful information is never even given to you.


TSH is not enough to assess your thyroid.

And what about homocysteine? Or ferritin?

Or so many other markers that are often left out but are important to fertility.

If you are going to go through the process of getting a needle poked in your arm, let’s make sure it is worthwhile.


2) The results are not interpreted well.

When we want to improve your fertility, we don’t want you just with “normal” levels…we want them OPTIMAL.

And when I go through clients’ results with a fine-tooth comb, I look for levels that are not ideal.

I look for patterns.

I look for clear areas that need improvement.

Then we can gain an understanding of not only what is hindering your fertility.

But also how we can naturally help you.

Because we don’t want to ignore what is “not great,” we want it to be the best it can be.


So if you have felt frustrated with testing and do not feel it is helping, remember it is not likely the fault of the test!

But what is being ordered and how it is being read.


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