Do you have these symptoms?

What do symptoms like

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • And poor immune health

…have to do with fertility?


These symptoms can come from our exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and can create damage to our cells, DNA and hurt our ability to have a healthy pregnancy.

But how often are you being told to look at your environment when you are struggling to get pregnant?


When we want to improve our fertility, we need to not just look inside our bodies…

But also at what is around us and how we are reacting to our environment.


Helping our exposure to EMFs from cell phones, computers, and living in the modern world today is an important part of helping fertility.

If you feel any other symptoms in your body, and do not feel your best…then it’s time to explore what they might be telling you about your fertility.

Because your ability to conceive is not just about your reproductive functions.

But also about all the other aspects of how your body is functioning.


If you are trying hard to boost your fertility, but still not getting results…then don’t forget to look at what is around you.

Look at your habits around your cell phone use, your computer exposure, and what environment you are in every day.

Taking this comprehensive approach to your health and fertility is how you get long-term, sustainable results to feeling better and conceiving a healthy baby!