Eating and Trusting your Intuition

Zen Eats fruit saladMaybe it is the crazy Colorado weather.. yesterday it was 60, today it is dumping snow. I have been feeling a strong pull towards specific foods this week. This is definitely not something to ignore if you are feeling it as well.

In Macrobiotics, a dietary lifestyle (to put simply)  that helps you balance your yin and yang, you focus in on the way you are feeling, your environment, and seasonal changes. If you are feeling “in your head,” anxious or maybe aloof you may need to balance yourself with the grounding nature of yang. If you are feeling heavy, constricted or warm you may need a little extra yin.

Although you can go very deep into the concepts of yin and yang a general understanding of balance is necessary for your health. Our body is an ever-flowing source of energy and vibration. It flows and adapts and changes with physiological, emotional and spiritual changes. Trying to stick to a strict, rigid diet pattern can offset your natural currents, especially as women when we factor in our lovely hormonal cycles.

Listen to your natural intuition and cravings. If you eat a healthy, balanced diet, take care of your body and emotions than you should put a little more trust into what it is telling you. If you are craving more protein, or a hot & hearty stew than trust that.. light the fire place, walk around bare foot and eat a grounding, warm meal.  If you overheated, need a lift & feel like you are dragging around weights, than stop obsessing over how many carbs you may have eaten that day or the fact that you already had your allowed fruit and drink some purified water, have a crisp salad and throw a few extra berries on top.

Trust your body, your intuition and ride the waves 🙂