Uncomfortable Eyes & Your Fertility

Many of my clients want to get pregnant but don’t know why it’s not happening as they hoped… ⁣
While I’m getting to know them I don’t just ask their fertility story. I don’t just ask about their cycles or AMH levels or periods. But I also ask about what other nagging symptoms or health concerns they may have. ⁣
I get personal. ⁣
I want to know everything going on.⁣
Because it ALL matters when it comes to trying to get pregnant.⁣
And the fact that so many aren’t being asked about these deeper questions by their doctors, could be leaving serious gaps in fertility care and helping women have that baby.⁣
Let me give you an example…
How are your eyes? ⁣
  – Do you struggle with dry eyes? ⁣
  – Do they get uncomfortable?⁣
  – If you wear contacts do they maybe feel like they don’t fit right? ⁣
  – Do your eyes feel tired or gritty? ⁣
If you are saying YES to any of these questions then it does not necessarily mean you have a vision problem with your eyes, It could mean that you have a hormonal imbalance or low progesterone! ⁣
Progesterone is critical for so many different functions in your body, including eye health. ⁣
And it is also critical for balancing estrogen, PMS symptoms, and GETTING pregnant and MAINTAINING pregnancy. ⁣
So that doesn’t mean you need more eye drops for your eyes…⁣
… and it doesn’t mean that you need medications for your fertility. ⁣
What it means is that we may need to balance your hormones naturally and help your body produce progesterone the way it is MADE to do. ⁣
So we must always look deeper, we must investigate harder. ⁣
Those standard blood tests will not tell you these things, and they certainly do not give you answers on what to do about the problem. ⁣
You are important, and your desire to have a family is important.⁣
When we just accept surface-level help, we accept surface-level results. ⁣
Let’s support your body naturally with nutrition and lifestyle to not only help you get that healthy pregnancy you want. ⁣
But to help you feel better and take care of nagging symptoms as well! ⁣
Let me know in the comments what weird nagging symptoms you have in your body and we can chat about how it may be impacting your fertility.