Grass-fed Gelatin – a healthy summertime treat

Grass-fed gelatin is a flavorless, powdered substance made from the collagen and bones of animals. Unlike your typical “Jello,” grass-fed gelatin comes from healthy, organic, humanely raised animals (typically cows). The conventional gelatin you will find in many products is not created with the same standards and typically comes from overweight, unhealthy, GMO-feed, antibiotic/hormone pumped cows… not something you want to be putting in your body.

Grass-fed gelatin, like this one from Great Lakes is an easy way to add numerous health benefits and enjoy a refreshing treat. The list of benefits of consuming gelatin is long! Here are a few:

Healthy Skin and Bones: Gelatin is largely composed of the protein Collagen, which makes up 25-35% of your whole body’s protein content. It keeps your ligaments and tendons stretchy, your skin young and free of wrinkles and cellulite, and your hair, nails, teeth, and bones strong and vibrant. It has been shown to alleviate pains from arthritis, joint disorders and prevent arthritis when added to your daily diet.

Digestion: Your intestines are made of a permeable surface that allows nutrients to be absorbed from food, however when you have leaky gut syndrome, IBS, or Celiac disease this surface becomes damaged and can have decreased absorption strength or allow your body to absorb too much, including large proteins and toxins meant to be excreted. Gelatin has been shown to help heal the gut lining and alleviate symptoms from those suffering from digestion woes.

Hormone Balance: Gelatin is rich in the amino acid Glycine, which helps in many processes in the endocrine system regulating hormones including insulin, cortisol (stress hormones) and estrogen. Gelatin can help heal from adrenal fatigue, provide the extra nutrients needed in stressful times, aid in exercise and injury recovery as well as aid in balancing female hormones and PMS symptoms.

A great way to get the benefits of gelatin and more are through homemade bone broths and stocks. However, if convenience is key to you than you can purchase powdered Gelatin which can be easily added to smoothies, soups, sauces, or you can make a tasty refreshing gelatin treat by combining fruits, herbs, shredded carrots, zucchini or cucumbers to make a classic upgraded “jello.” Follow the directions on the package for making gelatin (typically 1-2 tbsp per liter of liquid) and have fun experimenting with endless flavor combinations!