How do fibroids hurt your ability to get pregnant?

How do fibroids hurt your ability to get pregnant?

Well, first of all, they sometimes don’t.

Often, fibroids do not impact your ability to ovulate or the embryo to implant…

But it all depends on WHERE they are in the mucosal lining of your uterus.


Sometimes, in serious cases, you do need to get them removed.

But ALWAYS we need to ask why they were there in the first place.

If you have been trying to get pregnant and have been wondering WHY you are developing fibroids…

Fibroids can actually be a sign that there are more things going wrong that may be impacting your ability to conceive and your future health.


They could be signs for:

-Copper toxicity

-Iodine deficiency

-Nutrient deficiencies

-Poor estrogen metabolism

-And Estrogen dominance


Fibroids are not always the actual cause of conception issues, but they are a good sign that your body needs help to get pregnant.

When we focus on the deeper, root cause of the fibroids…

-We can help get rid of them

-Prevent future growth

-And support what else is affecting your fertility


So you can increase your chances of conceiving and being healthier in the future, naturally!

Are you struggling with fibroids?

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