How does technology hurt your ability to conceive?

How does technology hurt your ability to conceive?

There are amazing parts of technology that have helped women get pregnant, such as IVF and other treatments.

However, in our world surrounded by technology, it has hurt our fertility as well…


With cell phones, computers, and Wifi all around us, we are enveloped in electromagnetic fields all day long.

Electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) are invisible areas of energy known as radiation.

And this specific type of radiation can be incredibly damaging to cells and DNA… important aspects of your ovary functioning & egg and sperm development.

Healthy DNA is foundational to healthy fertility, and this technological world we have created is not helping us out.


But there is help.

By making simple changes, like:

  •  Not carrying your cell phone on your body (in pockets, your bra strap)
  • Not placing your computer on your lap (keep further from body at desk)
  • Turning your wifi off at night (may help you sleep better too!)

You can help reduce your exposure.

And in turn, help your environment SUPPORT your goal of having a healthy conception and pregnancy!


Comment below and let me know if you have tried taking any of these actions.