How to Shrink Fibroids Naturally

How to shrink fibroids naturally.

First, we need to understand that fibroids are a SYMPTOM of something deeper not working correctly in your body.


What we have seen through research is that developing fibroids can be linked to:

– Mineral deficiencies

– Metal toxicity

– Hormone metabolism issues


But NONE of these things are being investigated by your doctor…

Often you are just told to do invasive and sometimes painful procedures and surgeries to get rid of the fibroids in “hope” that you will then conceive.

But many women I talk to still are struggling.

And often continue to develop fibroids.

Because they are NOT taking care of the deeper issue.


This is not your fault that you are caught in this cycle, but you can take action to get out of it.

When I work with clients, we can use functional labs to investigate these issues and get clear on how we can help get rid of fibroids, prevent growth in the future AND support your chances of conceiving.


I look at your:

– Mineral balance

– Heavy metal levels

– Detox capabilities

– And the intricacies of your hormones…

So you can take care of the ROOT issue of your fibroids and help you get pregnant.


Are you ready for this deeper investigation?

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