Infused water to help burn fat!

Infused water to help burn fat

One thing I catch myself telling clients over and over again is "Drink more water!"

So many of us live chronically dehydrated that it becomes a normal way to feel. You may not even have an actual cup of water until lunch time after your morning coffee.

But if losing weight and burning fat are a goal of yours than getting your water in is exactly what you want to do. Staying hydrated helps remove toxins, circulate nutrients, decrease inflammation, keep your bowels moving smoothly, and helps remove bloating and water weight from your body.

And I get it, water is not always that sexy addition to your diet. But adding infused water can help bring a bit of that flavor that you are missing to help you keep your hydration up all day long.

Infused water is a type of water that includes fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are infused in the water for added flavor. It is easy to make and you can experiment with new flavors every day to find what you love.

The following infused water recipes are great for losing weight and burning more fat. Use room-temp or cold water, and to make it even healthier and tastier use filtered water!

Apple and Cinnamon

Both apple sand cinnamon are good ingredients to use when you want to burn more fat. To make this infused water, it is best to start the night before.

All you need to do is add some sliced apples to the bottom of the pitcher, being sure no seeds are present, then one cinnamon stick. Let it sit overnight with filtered water and that’s it! Keep the pitcher in the fridge, and it is easy to access all day long. The apples will bring in a delicious sweetness without having to add any sugar.

Berry and Lemon

For this infused water, you can use any berries you want. Most berries are good for burning fat and contain a lot of antioxidants. Some of my favorites are blueberries or raspberry.

Add 1/4 cup berries and 2-3 lemon slices to the pitcher . Fresh lemon juice also helps alkalinize your body and facilitate detoxing. Fill it with filtered water and leave in the fridge overnight.

Watermelon and Mint

Many infused waters also contain herbs, which provide more flavor and nutrients at the same time. This infused water is the perfect refreshing combination. dd a few sprigs of fresh mint to filtered water and crush against the sides or bottom of the pitcher to help release the flavor. Add cubes of watermelon, trying to remove seeds if possible. Let sit a few hours or overnight and you are ready to drink!

When making your infused water, try to use fresh and organic fruit whenever possible. You can also add slices of vegetables such as cucumber or carrots and herbs like rosemary, sorrel, or parsley as needed for more nutrients and added flavor.

Have fun, experiment, and stay hydrated all summer long!