Is Food Allergy (sensitivity) testing the right step?

Food Allergy (sensitivity) testing is something that comes up a lot in my practice, and you would think as a Functional Nutritionist it may be one of the main tests I run!

However, I have found that food sensitivity testing is often not the right step for many clients. Why you ask?

Well,  imagine feeling sick and tired and confused. You spend money on a food allergy test, get results back and they show that you are reacting to EVERYTHING! How would that make you feel?

This is a very common scenario. Those that are battling health concerns have so much inflammation in their body that their immune system is on alert and they react on some level to many foods. When you do a food allergy test you often come back with a very short list of foods you can maybe eat, and even then you may still have issues.

Are you speaking of a true food allergy? An intolerance? A sensitivity? These differences are important to what kind of testing you are doing and how they will impact you. If you believe you have a TRUE food allergy (IgE), that is life threatening, food allergy testing is crucial. If it is a sensitivity or intolerance, this is a different type of test and then it may be a different step that is needed first.

And that first step is to fight that inflammation and find the source of your inflammation.

Is it a gut infection? Dysbiosis and leaky gut? Hormonal and adrenal stress, nutrient deficiencies? What else is going on in your body that is causing this reaction to all the foods.

Simply cutting out foods that you are sensitive or intolerant to will not solve your issue, you need to find the underlying source and THEN food intolerance/sensitivity testing may come as a benefit as you continue on your healing journey, but as a starting place I often see more frustration.

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