Is it easier to get pregnant if you’re skinny?

Is it easier to get pregnant if you’re skinny?


How many times are you told to “just lose weight and everything would work out.”

“Stop eating so much, lose the weight and you will get your baby.”


When in reality,

Losing weight is not always easy.

It does not guarantee a baby.

And it is often not the real issue at all.


Excess weight can affect your ability to conceive…

…but the TRUTH is it’s actually a SYMPTOM of your body not being supported properly.

We must look at the underlying issues with why you are struggling to be a healthy weight FIRST.


And it’s by getting to the bottom of it we can heal your fertility and hormones in the process.

Stress, blood glucose imbalances, toxic burden, poor gut health, hormone imbalances, mineral depletions all can play a huge role with not only your ability to conceive but also struggling to lose weight or maintain weight loss.


When we work to support the underlying issues with your health, that is when you see results with both your weight and your fertility.


If you want to get to the root issue of excess weight and how it may be impacting your fertility, Contact me and we can chat about the RIGHT ways to support this on your journey to baby.