Is it really about age?

Ladies…when I see the same PMS, irregular cycles, lack of ovulation, recurrent miscarriages, and other struggles with fertility in my 30-year clients that I do in my 40-year-old clients…

It is OBVIOUS that this is not just about your “age”.


When we have unexplained infertility, failed IVF cycles and healthy eggs not maturing in young womens …

We can’t keep summing these problems up to being “age” in older women.


We KNOW that stress and damage from our environment is harming us…

And it is harming our eggs and sperm.

It is harming our fertility.

And trying to just give you the boot out the door by telling you your fertility struggles are just due to your age is WRONG.


Because when we realize that our environment is a huge player in how fast our eggs “age” and how damage occurs…

Then we can take back some control!!!


Because even if you are in your 40’s you can still support your fertility by:

  • Giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly
  • Removing sources of stress and inflammation
  • Remove toxins and chemicals from your environment

And possibly most important…

  • Helping your body’s natural detox pathways like the gut and the liver to deal with the stress of the environment and the damage that has occurred.


The health of your environment and how you respond to it may be the missing key in helping you have that baby you dream of.


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