Looking to lose weight and be healthier? Research shows home cooked meals are key!


John Hopkins has recently published a study showing that those who eat more home cooked meals eat healthier and consume less calories, is this a surprise to you?

The study surveyed over 9,000 people and showed that those who eat at home six to seven nights a week consumed less calories, fat, and sugar than those who ate at home only once or less. It also pointed out that those who eat more at home are less likely to consume frozen food and choose fast food when they do eat out.

Many other points to consider not in the article is also the quality of ingredients, many restaurants and fast-food eateries have GMO, non-organic or lower quality ingredients than what you can shop for and use at home. They also are likely to have more additives and preservatives, hidden ingredients in allergens in things like their stock base, sauces, dressings, and marinades. You also have the opportunity to expose your family to a wider variety of vegetables, fruits and spices when cooking at home, broadening your palate and increasing your vitamin and mineral intake.

Now I am definitely not dissing eating out, it is a social and enjoyable treat! But let’s keep the main portion of our meals at home and keep the love in our meals, our families healthy, and spend that quality time together at the dinner table.

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