Not All Coconut Milk is Equal

If you have a dairy-free diet you are aware of the importance of Coconut milk! Not only tasty and delicious, but great to use as a substitute for cream or milk in recipes, a staple in Asian cooking, curries, and tropical drinks the uses are endless. And of course, it is packed with Coconuts healthy, disease-fighting medium chain tryglycerides.

Coconut milk is typically a 1:1 water ratio, however you can thin it out by adding more water or if you need a thicker variety you can find cans of just cream. I also substitute these cans in place of the big containers of coconut milk found in the refrigerated aisle that contain emulsifiers, preservatives, and often sugar.

My two favorite brands that I have found are Native Forests and Natural Value

Native Forest provides a Organic, Gluten-free, thick and creamy milk that comes in a BPA-free can. The company is reputable, high quality and is stocked at most Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottages. My only gripe with their milks is that they do contain guar gum, an emulsifier that can be irritating and hard to digest for some people. Native Forest is actually the only brand that I have found stocked in my area with a BPA-free can and is often on sale (always a plus!). You can also order them off of their website.


Another one of my favorite coconut milks comes from Natural Value. Also BPA-free, Gluten-free and Organic this brand is simply just Coconut and water! NO Guar Gum! However, I have not been able to find it in stock at any of the stores in my area. Instead you can save some money and order in bulk from Amazon, plus getting packages in the mail is always fun 🙂

Let me know if you have found any other brands that you love!