Optimal Levels for Pregnancy

One area of your health we want to be OPTIMAL when trying to conceive, is your iron level.


Because we know that low iron can impact the health of your pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage, hormone levels, as well as your ability to get pregnant.

This is exactly why I assess this in the 1st framework of my program, the Body Reaction Assessment.

BUT it is so much more than just giving you an iron supplement.


Because what conventional medicine may have not told you, is that low iron in the body is heavily influenced by your gut health.

So it’s not just about how much you consume, but how it is being absorbed and used in your body.


We know that the gut bacteria in our digestive tract rely heavily on iron to survive.
And when we have a lot of the bad bacteria it competes with our body for this iron.

Both taking from you this critical nutrient, but also making it difficult to ever build up the reserves you need for fertility and pregnancy.


So, Step 1) Let’s assess the iron in your body to make sure it is at optimal range

Step 2) If it is low, let’s not only help build it back up. But let’s understand WHY it is low in the first place and help the core issues in your body (often gut health).


So that you don’t continue to struggle with this in the future.

Because supporting your fertility properly is about helping you from all angles. To give you the best health and chances of success.


Comment below if you feel your gut health may be impacting your ability to get pregnant.