Questions I often hear…

“What do I eat the week of my egg retrieval?”

“What do I eat when I do my IUI?”

“What do I eat during implantation?”

…These are questions I often hear.


And they are valid concerns. You want to support your nutrition and body during this incredibly important time.

Except, the problem with these questions is that to use diet to help you in these times… you really want more time than just a few days, or even a couple of weeks if possible.


Because according to research,

To truly influence your eggs, hormones, and body, ideally, you want about 12 weeks to do this.


And when you give yourself that much time and have a comprehensive nutrition plan, based off of your body’s specific needs…

The changes can be INCREDIBLE.


So we want to use every chance we have to help support success through the entire process, the weeks and months leading up to that important week.


Studies have shown that couple’s that use nutrition in the preconception phase can:

>improve hormone balance

>improve ovarian and uterine response

>reduce side effects from medications

>improve healing time from procedures

>improve egg and sperm quality

>improve mood and reduce anxiety

…and yes, increase the chances of a successful, healthy pregnancy.


So try not to wait till last minute to use this incredible support.

There is SO much on your side.