Setting a Strong Foundation Before Pregnancy

One thing I have realized since becoming a mom is how important it is to have a strong foundation before pregnancy…


What I mean by this is that growing and raising babies is incredibly hard.

It depletes your energy and nutrients, and it is taxing on your hormones and immune system.

And if this is not functioning optimally BEFORE you conceive, then you are in a constant (losing) battle of playing catch up.

Because if your body is already depleted before these demands, not only will it make it harder for you to conceive but it will make you feel pretty terrible through the next few years of parenthood.


Being a mom is hard.

But preparing your body for this life role doesn’t have to be…


When we spend a few short months:

  • Optimizing nutrient levels
  • Supporting hormone production
  • Strengthening your adrenal health
  • Boosting your immune system

…You are going to have an easier time conceiving AND set yourself up to be the healthiest, strongest mom for your family!