So you think you eat healthy…

“I eat really healthy.”

I recently had a client tell me… and I asked her what she meant. She told me that her doctor says she eats healthy…

That she eats veggies and no processed sugar…

And that there is nothing else she can do with nutrition to help her fertility.


And yet, she keeps failing at getting pregnant. She is not seeing any changes in her fertility. And she continues to feel frustrated with every passing day.


I understand, I have been in her shoes. Feeling like you are doing the “things” but not getting results.

But you need to remember, less than 20% of medical schools even require one nutrition class.

And most doctors and medical professionals are poorly trained, lacking in nutrition education and understand how to use it to help fertility.


This isn’t their fault.

It is simply the way the medical system is set up.

But it does mean that when you are told you “eat healthy enough”, there may still be huge blind spots in your nutrition.


When I walk my clients through a fertility responsive nutrition plan we discover not only how they can eat to support their fertility.

But they also understand how their body is reacting to foods, where there may be problems, and how to use nutrition to help them get pregnant… with sustainable changes.

Because your oatmeal and fruit for breakfast may not be working for you… Your salad for lunch could be causing issues… And what is “healthy” for one person may not be the best option for YOU.


So if you are ready to use the power of nutrition to help your fertility, but don’t know where to start…

#1 Remember your nutrition is specific to your body.

#2 There’s a way to eat that’s even better than what your doctor recommends.

#3 Making sustainable changes, not quick-fix fad diets, are where the results are.


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