The Magic Formula to Stretching your Fertility Window

You only release ONE egg every month from one ovary (sometimes you have an opportunity to release more that can result in twins or multiples).

And that egg can only live for 24 hours.

If it doesn’t meet up with a lucky sperm in that 24 hours it is a goner, and no pregnancy can happen.


That sounds like a short window to make everything happen!

But the good news is that you actually can stretch this window much longer than 24 hours…

Because sperm can live for up to about 5 days.

So if you have sperm ready and waiting to meet the egg before it is released, you have a much higher chance of conceiving.


But there are a few things needed to make this happen…

-Healthy cervical mucus production for the sperm to travel and live in your body for days.

-Having sex starting 5 days before you ovulate.

-Healthy high-quality sperm.

-All the hormones necessary for ovulation.


With this magic formula, you can stretch your fertile window longer and have a much higher chance of conceiving!


Do you have all these pieces of the puzzle?

IF you have questions on how to support and find your fertile window, send me an email and lets chat!