Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained Infertility… the easy way out.

But there is actually NOTHING easy about living with it.

Because what could be more frustrating than being told there is nothing wrong with you?


Yet… you can’t get pregnant.

When the conventional medical system can’t find something wrong that they can label…You’re told you are “normal,” or “unexplained,” to keep trying or that you must need expensive harsh fertility treatments.

But NOT given any insight into what could be affecting you.


Unexplained infertility is the easy way out because it is not opening any more doors for answers… It’s telling you there is nothing you can do… And it is leaving so much in the dark.

When in reality, there may be many aspects of fertility and health that likely have not been optimized yet.


With a functional health approach, we are like detectives looking for a culprit of an unresolved case.

The likely suspects are:

– Gut health

– The foods you are eating

– Your immune response

– Your nutrient levels

– The toxin and stress burden on your body

It may not always be down to just ONE “silent assassin” but a combination of them that produce a hostile environment for procreation.


Good news is once the case is solved pregnancy happens and families can grow!

I’d love to be that detective that supports you on your way to your baby.

Just like myself, I have helped countless women get pregnant when they were told it may never happen…

If you are ready to work with a detective and dig deeper, email me.