What do you know about Metformin?

Metformin is a very common drug used to help get pregnant…

But there are certain things you need to be educated on with its use.


1) It is not addressing the underlying issues (poor blood sugar control) this means you may continue to have issues and other symptoms even with its use

2) You may be at a higher risk of complications in pregnancy like gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, excess weight gain in yourself, or inappropriate weight gain in the baby

3) You still may have similar health problems and symptoms that remain later in life

4) It comes with side effects- commonly GI complaints (sometimes severe)


But please know there ARE other options to consider.

Natural approaches like diet adjustments and some herbs and supplements have been shown to be as effective or even more effective as Metformin in getting you pregnant…

And this approach helps with long-term health, sustainable results, and no negative side effects in the process.

You can collaborate and support your body while using metformin or work to avoid it all together…you have options!


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