WHAT IF it doesn’t work out…

If you are anything like me, I hate feeling out of control.

And when you have gone through the devastating pain of losing a pregnancy…You may feel like your mind is on an endless loop…anxieties, “what-if’s” taunting you until you are left exhausted & crippled.


Being out of control, because you don’t want to go back but don’t want to move forward.

Because often, you aren’t given a reason on why it happens, you may be told there is nothing to change for the future.

And although loss can be a natural process, that doesn’t mean we are completely helpless.


I run a miscarriage risk panel in almost all of my clients…both those that have been through it, but also those that want to try to prevent it from ever happening.

Because based on research, there are actual markers we can check to assess added risk.

And then, we can have a strategy to put you in the OPTIMAL range so that the risk of miscarriage is lower.


Meaning, something as simple as a blood test and making diet, lifestyle, or supplement changes could help lower your risk of loss…

Even when you are getting older.

Even if you are conceiving with fertility treatments.


You DO have influence.

Which can help give you confidence moving forward. Being able to hold a space in your heart for that past pain…But smiling for what the future may hold.

And that feeling of control that you know you are helping your future and your baby.


If you are ready to feel that confidence, comment below or contact me and let’s talk about how we can support your journey.