What is PCOS?

If you have heard my story before, you know that PCOS is a big part of it…

As a teenager, I experienced extremely heavy, irregular period, was told birth control was the only option to help me…

Then fast forward into adulthood.

I wanted to get pregnant, only getting my period a couple of times a year.

The doctors told me that I would never get pregnant naturally.

That PCOS was a lifelong life-altering diagnosis that meant I may not get children and to get them I would have to go through meds or treatments to make it happen.


Maybe you have been told something similar?

Luckily, with my education and training in functional health and nutrition, I knew that was not my only option…

And I was determined to prove to them that I could get pregnant naturally.


PCOS is a syndrome that is one of the most common hormonal issues in women, estimated to effect 20-30% of women with fertility struggles and is not always properly diagnosed.


Some of the common PCOS symptoms:

-irregular periods

-nonexistent periods

-facial body hair growth

-alopecia/hair loss

-excess stubborn weight

-fertility struggles

-insulin resistance

→Which can also result in anxiety, depression, stress


PCOS is a syndrome, meaning it can be a combination of symptoms that look different in each person.


What we are often finding through research now is that there may be a link to autoimmunity with PCOS conditions…

Autoimmunity is when your body basically can mount an immune response on itself.

The immune system can attack your own cells and organs.

Resulting in inflammation, stress, and loss of function in your body.


We know that autoimmunity, even at low levels (subclinical) can be a leading issue of fertility struggles.

And often Doctors are not looking for this issue.

In one study, they stated, “a high concentration of anti ovarian and anti-sperm antibodies suggests that immune reaction is associated with PCOS.”

So PCOS could be an autoimmune condition and cause autoimmunity against ovaries and sperm.


I discover autoimmune correlations in clients all the time.

It is so much more common than we think. Specifically, studies have noticed a major connection between PCOs and thyroid autoimmunity/Hashimoto’s.

Something I have found most doctors do not properly investigate.

Or then know how to actually help.


We have influence and control in helping our body with autoimmunity greatly through diet, lifestyle, and supplemental changes.

If you struggle with PCOS, then let’s investigate further to see if this may be leading to your symptoms and concerns.

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