Your Body Isn’t Broken

When I wasn’t ovulating I felt like my body must just be broken.

That I just couldn’t do the basic functioning needed to get pregnant.

And my confidence was plummeting.


Was it my past birth control use? Was I too stressed out? Was I eating something wrong?

I felt overwhelmed with questions and my doctors had zero answers…

Other than to just take meds that I was not interested in trying yet.


I made it my mission to understand my body and give it the support it needed.

Through my education with nutrition and answers I got from functional labs, I discovered that there were multiple problems in my body that were hindering my ovulation.


➡ I had gut infections and inflammation.

➡ I had low nutrient levels.

➡ And I had too much stress in my life than my body could keep up with.


With these answers, I was then able to develop a strategy to help them.

I fixed my gut, I boosted my vitamins and minerals, I started exercising differently…

And although it took time and persistence, I started ovulating again.

Something my doctors had little faith was ever possible for me.

But it wasn’t about my body needing medication to ovulate.

It was about my body needing SUPPORT.


Not ovulating was my body’s way of telling me it was struggling…and I needed to listen.

Not only did I ovulate again, I felt the best I ever had.

And that is how I got pregnant naturally.


My body wasn’t broken, and I doubt yours is either…

But it may be asking for some support.


If you want to chat more about what you can do to help your fertility, email me!