Your Worth in your Fertility Journey

Are you struggling with your worth in your fertility journey?


One thing that I have seen every client struggle with that is on their fertility journey or wants to prepare to have a baby. Something that I see women fall back into time and time again. And it has a direct impact on success.


And that is understanding this…


Your worth is inherent.

Whether you have a baby or not you are a worthwhile person. It is not your fault you may be struggling or feeling overwhelmed. And no, you do not deserve to have to go through pain to get pregnant.


But one thing that I truly believe is that the fertility journey can clearly show us how we need to come back to yourself.
You need to come back to YOU.


You feeling good matters.. you finding joy matters…you having good health is a right…


Having support is something you deserve.

All of that. Right now.
Regardless of if you have a baby or not, you deserve it.


And guess what?
You can have all of these things…


You can come back to your body, support its needs, figure out and support what has been ignored for so long or what has been overlooked in the conventional system.


And in doing this you feel better, you feel empowered, and it increases your chances of having a SUCCESSFUL healthy pregnancy.


As women we can forget about ourselves. We can put others first and we don’t often want to spend time or money ON our health and for our needs. But this is hurting you.


This hurts your fertility, it hurts your mindset, and it actually takes you further away from having that family you desire.

You need to embrace how to mother yourself before mothering another. And that means addressing what could be impacting your fertility to have a healthy conception and have a healthy baby.


And taking care of your health, so that it impacts your child’s health, and taking action and knowing that you are WORTH IT to do so.

What are you doing to take care of your health and preparing your fertility?